Cooking with kids and Kikkoman

Cooking with kids and Kikkoman

Fun ways to cook with kids and get them to enjoy eating healthy food

There are no clear rules on foods that are good or bad for kids. They definitely need a lot of carbohydrates to keep up their energy – in the form of bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. And the five a day rule also applies. Protein is also an essential element of a child’s diet, and important sources include dairy products, meat, fish and eggs. And make sure the fats your kids eat are of the highest quality possible. Those are the German Nutrition Society’s guidelines.

Cooking with kids of different ages

It’s never too early to get kids started cooking. Even children as young as two can help out in the kitchen. They love washing vegetables and salad ingredients in a bowl, or kneading pastry. Three year-olds can be trusted with more responsible jobs, such as cutting soft vegetables with a butter knife or stirring the soup on the stove top under parental supervision. When they get to be 4, 5 or 6, kids enjoy weighing ingredients and adding them to the pan, or peeling carrots with a peeler. The more often you give children tasks to perform in the kitchen, the more independent they become and the greater their enjoyment of cooking and eating.

Recipes that kids can cook 

Kikkoman has created some yummy recipes that are perfect for kids to help prepare. How about Kikkoman Spaghetti Bolognese Or our Teriyaki Sausages and Mash? The Classic Burgeris a big hit. And our Wok-Cooked Vegetables and Pasta is a colourful and healthy meal. Slightly more advanced recipes that make fabulous sweet treats are our Chocolate Brownies with Soy Caramel Sauce or our Kikkoman Caramel Muffins. They’re a great reward for all the effort your kids have put into cooking. Try them out!