Kikkoman Limited Editions 2020-2024, fünf Dispenser
Kikkoman Limited Editions 2020-2024, fünf Dispenser

Our soy sauce in the Special Limited Editions

Elegance meets symbolism - in the exclusive Special Limited Editions of our Kikkoman Soy Sauce dispensers. For five years now, we have honoured our iconic design classic with a specially crafted edition. Each design is a unique representation of the values dear to Kikkoman, conveyed through meaningful symbols. These exclusive Special Limited Editions are available for a short time only, so be sure to secure the latest design while you can!

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Special Limited Edition 2024

This year's Special Limited Edition design draws on motifs from Japanese mythology: the plum blossom (ume) and the Japanese white-eye bird (mejiro). Plum trees are revered as symbols of good fortune in Japan and are therefore very popular. The charming little mejiro bird has a special affinity for plum blossoms, aiding their pollination. Trees and birds live in a harmonious, sustainable symbiosis. At Kikkoman, we are committed to playing a part in preserving prosperity - including natural resources - for future generations.

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Special Limited Edition 2023

Kikkoman Special Limited Edition 2023, dispenser

Enjoyment brings people together: the dark red foliage of the Japanese momiji maple tree displays its full splendour in autumn. These trees, abundant in Japan, transform the country into a beautiful autumnal landscape for a few weeks. The round moon is a metaphor for harmony, and the golden bridge symbolises the connection of cultures, people and tastes.

Special Limited Edition 2022

Kikkoman Special Limited Edition 2022, dispenser

Shared happiness: the Japanese koi and the lotus flower represent prosperity, happiness, health and strength. The proximity of these two symbols on the dispenser signifies coming together at the table, sharing a meal, and family unity.

Special Limited Edition 2021

Kikkoman Special Limited Edition 2021, dispenser

Health and longevity: tsuru, the crane, is not only a typical bird of Japan but also an important symbol. Similarly, matsu, the pine tree, is significant in Japanese culture. Both are considered sources of luck and strength.

Special Limited Edition 2020

Kikkoman Special Limited Edition 2020, dispenser

Two particularly beautiful iconic emblems of Japan: sakura, the cherry blossom, represents beauty, new beginnings and transience. Mount Fuji, at 3,776 metres, is Japan's highest mountain and considered a sacred national symbol

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