GMO – No thank you!

Nowadays people care about what they are eating. GMO-free is often a must for our consumers as well as for us. We’re very mindful of the ingredients we are using for our Naturally Brewed soy sauce. The more natural – the better!

The acronym ‘GMO’ stands for “genetically modified organisms”. Kikkoman only uses soybeans that are ‘GMO-free’. This is a clear mark of quality. We place great importance on the quality and origin of our raw ingredients – and our natural production processes. In fact, it's the first-class ingredients that give all Kikkoman Soy Sauces their characteristically distinctive flavour. We don't use any artificial additives in our sauces.

Quality in cold print

All foods, ingredients and additives produced directly from GMO plants are subject to labelling within the EU. This can be identified in the list of ingredients or on the label by the - words "genetically modified" or "produced from genetically modified ". However, this does not apply to animal products such as meat, milk or eggs.

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