More time at home, more time to cook

10 tasty dishes that are perfect for autumn

More time at home, more time to cook – that’s something we’re all going to have over the next few weeks. And not just because the nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting colder. It’s also due to the current circumstances – which is why it’s even more important to treat ourselves and our loved ones every now and then. With a yummy home-cooked meal, for example, packed with delicious flavours and aromas to stimulate the senses. For this special edition of our newsletter, Kikkoman has put together some great recipes that you’re sure to enjoy. Seasonal delicacies such as mushrooms, oxheart cabbage, pumpkin, apple and red cabbage feature as star ingredients. They add flavour and aroma to dishes of all kinds, both savoury and sweet. Give them a go yourself!

Our autumn recipes for you to try:

Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

#Stay home, cook at home

#Stay home, cook at home: Vol. 5

Seasoning your life – here at Kikkoman, that’s what we want to help you with. And it’s never been more important than it is now. That’s why we decided to put together recipes to inspire you. Every fortnight we’re releasing a new Kikkoman special edition recipe collection – to help you enjoy delicious food from around the world.