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5 delicious veggie dishes featuring vegetables, pasta, rice and more

Discover just how varied vegetarian cooking can be. For our third Kikkoman #Stay home, cook at home special edition we’ve put together another selection of five recipes from different parts of the world for you to try. Although they’re all quite different, they have one thing in common: they’re completely meat-free and suitable for vegetarians. You’ll find ingredients such as fresh vegetables, rice, and various kinds of pasta and noodles in different combinations. Of course, no dish is complete without the aromatic, full-bodied flavour known as umami – but we’ve got you covered. Simply use our Kikkoman soy sauces to add a touch of umami to recipes from around the globe. Give it a try – and enjoy! 

Our recipes – created just for you:

Have fun cooking – and enjoy your meals!  

#Stay home, cook at home