Quick and easy snack ideas by Kikkoman

Quick and easy snack ideas

by Kikkoman

Whether you’ve reached the end of a busy day or it’s the weekend, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to cook a main dish– and there’s nothing much in the fridge anyway except vegetables, a few eggs and some soy sauce. But don’t worry: you only need a few simple ingredients to make our quick, healthy, delicious mini meals. And a few dashes of soy sauce will add that special, full-bodied, umami flavour. Everyday foods such as potatoes, a leftover avocado, a tin of tuna or some onions, when combined with soy sauce, can quickly be turned into small, healthy meals that also taste great. When you’re deciding what snack to make, remember this golden rule: eat whatever takes your fancy – and experiment. Why not give these snack ideas a try!

New potatoes with a soy sauce and sesame dip

Wash and boil the potatoes. Briefly toast some sesame seeds in a frying pan – without oil – over a medium heat. Combine some mayonnaise and plain yoghurt in a bowl (the ratio should be 50:50), add a little soy sauce and the toasted sesame seeds, then stir! Instead of making the soy sauce and sesame dip, you can also use ready-made Kikkoman Sesame Dressing as a dip. It’s flavoured with ground sesame seeds for a uniquely delicious flavour. Warning: it can be addictive!

Ciabatta with creamed tuna and capers

Tuna makes a delicious filling for a baguette or a ciabatta. If you’re using tinned tuna, enhance the flavour by mixing in a little cream cheese, some capers and a dash of soy sauce. Then simply spread the mixture on the bread, add rocket or lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes or sundried tomatoes and… enjoy! You can find the recipe here.

Prawn and avocado toast 

You might have some prawns in the freezer. You should always have a ripe avocado in the kitchen just in case. And most people usually have some bread in the cupboard. That’s virtually all you’ll need for this delicious teriyaki prawn and avocado toast. If you don’t have any Teriyaki Sauce with Roasted Garlic to hand, don’t worry. Simply mix some soy sauce with a little garlic. You can find the recipe here.

Avocado cream à la Kikkoman

This is a quick, tasty snack that makes a great dip or sandwich spread. Halve and stone two avocados then mash the flesh. If you want to, you can add two cups of soy beans that have been removed from their pods (edamame – you can buy them frozen). Enhance the flavour with garlic, Ponzu Lemon, a couple of onions and tomatoes, and the juice of one lime. And that’s it: you’ve created a delicious riff on a guacamole. You can find a more detailed recipe here.

Scrambled egg with mushrooms

This works as a quick snack for when you’re feeling peckish – or as breakfast dish. Simply whisk a few eggs with milk and season with a couple of splashes of soy sauce. Wash the mushrooms, slice them and add them to the egg mixture. Then pour it all into a pan to make delicious scrambled eggs. And if you happen to have some fresh chives to hand, sprinkle them over the cooked eggs.

Vegetable sticks with a soy sauce dip

Raw carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks taste best with a dip. We’ve put together several dip recipes that don’t just go with vegetable sticks – they also taste great with bread, bread sticks and nachos. We hope you’ll be inspired to try them out! 

Shrimp mayonnaise with Ponzu Sauce

Tomato and ponzu dip

Mango and ponzu dip

Here are some more recipes for delicious, filling snacks that take 30 minutes or less to make:

Poke wrap with omelette

Most people have some spinach in the freezer: take it out to defrost. If you don’t have nori sheets, you can use tortillas or make some thin pancakes. And if you don’t happen to have a bottle of our delicious Poke Sauce to hand, just use soy sauce.

Omelette with spicy soy sauce

This snack is seductively Spanish! If you don’t have any spring onions to hand, use chives or onion rings. You can leave out the crab sticks if you don’t have any – or defrost some small prawns from the freezer instead. And as for the sauce, white wine will work instead of sake. Experiment and see for yourself!

Vegetable stir-fry

Everyone has spaghetti in the cupboard. And it’s up to you – and your fridge – what vegetables you use. Anything goes, as long as you like it. The cornflour is for thickening the sauce. If you don’t have any at home, you can use thickening granules or potato starch instead.

Want to find out what other tasty bites you can make with Kikkoman soy sauce? Browse more recipes for mouth-watering snacks here.