Teriyaki-style Breast of Duck à la Orange
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Teriyaki-style Breast of Duck à la Orange

Preparation time: 50 mins
Calorific value (per portion): 1314 kJ / 314 kcal

Ingredients for 4 portions


Soften the raisins in warm water. Trim the duck breast. Heat up a pan and fry the duck skin side down, without oil.

Turn it over and briefly fry the meat side. Place the duck on a grill griddle and cook in a pre-heated oven at 120°C until it is pink in the middle. (core temperature 65°C)

Wrap the duck in aluminium foil and leave to rest for approximately 15 minutes in a warm place. Remove the surplus fat from the pan. Add the orange juice and raisins and reduce until only ¼ of the liquid remains. Add a little sugar if you like. Then add the naturally brewed soy sauce and reduce again. Place the pre-cooked duck into the pan to glaze it in the sauce. Then remove it from the pan and cut into slices. Arrange the duck slices on a plate, pour the sauce over and serve with the side dish of your choice (e.g. vegetables or rice).

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Ingredients for 4 portions