Kikkoman Stir-fry Sauce

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Quick and versatile: the wok can handle almost anything in the kitchen. Thanks to short cooking times and minimal need for oil, it's perfect for cooking healthy meals such as stir fries. Equally, a fast, all-round sauce is also a must - like our Kikkoman Wok Sauce.

Rich, sweet and spicy, our Wok Sauce packs a punch of flavour. It can pep up meat, fish or vegetables at the flick of a wrist - quite literally, because Kikkoman Wok Sauce is designed to unleash its aromatic impact straight from the bottle.

Sear, deglaze and enjoy. Asian cuisine can be so simple and delicious.

The wok is not only a great tool for stir-frying; thanks to its shape, it's also excellent for deep-frying.

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