Kikkoman Sesame Sauce
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Lightly roasted sesame seeds create the delicious aroma of our Kikkoman Sesame Sauce. Sesame tastes great and is a healthy addition to any diet, containing calcium, magnesium and unsaturated fats. In Asian cuisine, sesame sauce is a popular seasoning.

Our Kikkoman Sesame Sauce is especially versatile and therefore perfect in various European dishes, too — hot or cold. Its creamy consistency adds richness to your meals. Containing vegetable oil, a hint of vinegar and our Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce, it is ready to enhance your dishes. Some inspiration on how you can combine the amazing flavor: Use it in your pasta sauce, quinoa salad, as vegetable dip or in your sandwiches. You can also glaze grilled fish or top your poke bowls with our Kikkoman Sesame Sauce.


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