Kikkoman Sauce for Poke Bowl

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From a trend to an enduring favourite: it's hard to imagine restaurant menus without the presence of delicious Hawaiian poke bowls. With Kikkoman Poke Sauce, you can easily create them yourself.

Our sauce is particularly rich and intense in taste. It is based on our naturally brewed soy sauce made according to a traditional recipe. We add toasted sesame oil, a hint of lemon and some chilli. It's umami at its finest. And the perfect flavour combination to complement the mix of raw fish and vibrant vegetables.

Kikkoman Poke Sauce inspires you to experiment and is also the ideal condiment for purely vegan bowls!

In Hawaii, Japanese and West Coast cuisine merged to create a particularly fresh and rich-tasting world of recipes. This gave birth to the poke bowl. Poke roughly translates as cut or chopped.

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