Kikkoman Mirin-Style Sweet Cooking Seasoning
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Time to make your food both look and taste absolutely delicious with Kikkoman Mirin-Fu.
Mirin-Fu (meaning Mirin-style in Japanese) is a sweet Japanese seasoning and glaze. In comparison to traditional Japanese Mirin which contains about 14% of alcohol, Kikkoman Mirin-Fu contains less alcohol (0.3%), providing a rich, mellow taste and mild sweetness.
Our ready-to-use Mirin-Fu is produced using Kikkoman's original fermentation technique and combines very well with other fermented seasonings such as soy sauce, miso and vinegar. It’s also an essential ingredient for the perfect homemade Teriyaki sauce.
Use Kikkoman Mirin-Fu to marinate and glaze your favorite foods, add flavour to your Wok dishes or create an unforgettably delicious dip.

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