Kikkoman Instant Miso Soup with Tofu and Spinach

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Miso soup is a true national dish in Japan. It's almost always served with chopsticks, used to eat the solid parts of the soup. The Japanese skip the spoon and drink the remaining soup directly from the bowl.

Kikkoman Tofu & Spinach Miso Soup is not only easy to prepare, it's also a delicious base for many other tasty dishes, such as miso ramen or udon noodle soup. It also works brilliantly as a seasoning, whether for fried rice, stir-fried noodles or in a sauce for miso pasta.

All our miso soups are suitable for vegans!

Spinach contains iron, calcium, essential vitamins and minerals - making it extra nutritious! 

* Nutritional values are based on preparation with boiling water.

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