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Liquid Soy Sauce

The Kikkoman range includes liquid, naturally brewed soy sauces and variations that satisfy industrial food production standards. The natural brewing method does not trigger any 3-MCPD chemical reaction. The naturally produced content of aromas is a precursor to natural brewing. All products are manufactured in Europe according to HACCP and are in conformity with EU Directives.

Important: Our products are solely made from Non-GM ingredients.

Bouillons, soups, sauces, liquid marinades, meat, salad dressings, topping sauces

Aroma, Maillard reaction, tenderness, colour, fat-free/reduced fat, vegeterian, precursor, provides amino acids, umami (savouriness)

At a glance: Naturally brewed soy sauce

  • In 20 lit., 200 lit. 600 lit. or 1000 lit. containers
  • Naturally brewed according to a traditional recipe
  • Ingredients: water, soybeans, wheat and salt
  • Reddish-brown colour
  • High nitrogen content
  • Versatile in use
  • Store in a dark, cool and dry place