Wok your appetite with the new stir-fry recipes

01. June 2023

What’s the key to amazing WOK Stir fry dishes? This core culinary trinity: simple, easy and quick. The best stir-fry recipes are based on this perfect taste triangle. They’re made from simple ingredients, but have an elaborate flavour. They’re easy to whip up but still create the ‘wow effect’. They’re quick to prepare but taste as good as from top restaurants. So, when you’re hungry and in a hurry, that’s the best option for dinner. Feel like having a go? Let us invite you to the delicious world of Wok recipes.


We will, we will, Wok you. Why do we all love stir-frying so much?

What is stir-frying all about? High temperature! It sears the food immediately and retains its natural juices. What else is important? Time! Two to five minutes is definitely enough to retain bright and crisp veggies and have the meat beautifully browned and juicy. If you follow these two rules and serve the food immediately, you can experience the ‘Wok hei’ effect. This ‘The breath of a Wok’ technique will bring you food that is vibrant and fresh, but with a special charred aroma. It’s all thanks to the concentrated and smoky flavours from the hot wok. At the serving moment, the splash of your favourite seasoning will guarantee a harmonious Wok feast.

Chefs just want to have fun! Mix and play with our stir-fry recipes

Have you tried the perfect combinations that can enhance the taste, flavour and aroma of your dish? It’s time to get inspired by our stir-fry recipes. Just follow the simple cooking instructions, and these recipes will become your favourite dishes and can be served regularly on your table at home.

Stir-frying is an incredibly versatile cooking technique. Check the best combinations and discover numerous ways to spice up your Wok recipes. Meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables? Whatever you choose, it will harmonise perfectly in a Wok.

Lighter paradise: seafood and vegetables will wo(r)k for you

Trying to make health-conscious choices, yet still create delicious dishes? Seafood and vegetables are worth inviting to your kitchen. Thanks to the instant technique of stir-frying, crispy and crunchy food emerges in five minutes or less, while ingredients retain their colour and texture. Sounds delicious, right? So which recipe will you try out first?

Prawn and vegetable stir-fry noodles

Perfect taste with Soys Sauce + Lemon + Sesame Oil

Egg-fried rice

Eggs-cellent dish to cook easily and tasty for everyone.

Stir-fried tofu with vegetables

You will be fascinated how tasty this Tofu stir fry dish is.

Meet the best meat scale: meat, fried meat, stir-fried meat

You’re constantly in a rush but want to create dishes at home like those made in your favourite restaurants? Stir-frying is a versatile technique of fast and fresh cooking. All you need is a Wok, hot oil and good seasoning to create flavourful, tender and well-seared meat.

Stir-fry black pepper beef

Perfect match of broccoli, beef seasoned with soy sauce, black pepper sauce and sesame oil

Chicken with aubergine and cashew stir-fry

How to start? Step one: Choose your ingredients

Cooking is really simple, but some people insist on making it complicated. We want to restore the joy of creating new tastes in a very easy way. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ — this also applies to WOK Stir fry dishes. So, take a look at the contents of your fridge and let the magic happen.

Want to meet the meat?

Choose tender cuts like steak, pork tenderloin or chicken breast. When you cut them into thin pieces they will stir-fry perfectly quickly. Avoid large or tough chunks of meat.

Feel like fishing?

Shrimps, seafood and fish with firm texture such as cod or halibut are made for Wok cooking. Avoid delicate fish like flounder or tilapia — they may fall apart during stir-frying.

How about veggies?

Invite whatever you like. Most vegetables are ideal for this cooking technique, especially when you cut them into thin, bite-sized pieces. Thanks to stir-frying, they gain aroma and juicy texture immediately once they hit the hot oil.

How to start? Step two: Let your dish fry

Prepare the Wok, your favourite oil (make sure it can take high heat) and a wide, curved food turner. Cut the chosen ingredients into small, similar-shaped pieces so that they fry quickly and evenly. Throw them into the hot oil and enjoy the perfect glaze, aroma and flavour within just a couple of minutes.

How to start? Step three: Season your Wok

The perfect balance is extremely easy to achieve in stir-fry recipes. It’s all about the simple combination of 3–4 seasonings added at the end, shortly before serving: the Kikkoman soy sauce, the Kikkoman toasted sesame oil and 1 or 2 simple flavourings. This combination will guarantee a real explosion of flavours. And you don’t need to look for sugar, salt, nor exotic, hard-to-find spices. So, let’s meet your best Wok seasoning mates.

The Kikkoman Toasted Sesame Oil will get you wokkin and rollin

Open sesame! Open the door to a legendary rich taste. The amber-coloured, aromatic oil will become a golden treasure in Wok dishes. Made from 100% pure toasted sesame seeds, it adds a burst of nutty flavour to stir-fries after cooking. It can also quickly enrich every dish with an Asian twist. 

Stir up your Wok with the Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce

Boost your stir-fry dishes with plenty of rich umami taste. Kikkoman soy sauce enhances the taste and guarantees the best finish for a wonderful aroma. The umami kick can unite different flavours and make simple ingredients taste absolutely divine.  Choose from the regular Kikkoman soy sauce or look for Kikkoman less salt, gluten free, organic soy sauce options.

Happily ever after. That’s your juicy story

When soy sauce meets limes, lemons or oranges, you get a refreshing citrus taste. So simple, so easy, so tasty. Need to spice things up? You can try the Ponzu lemon, a black pepper sauce or an oyster sauce, whichever you have.


Now you see how easy it is to create a Wok stir fry dishes. Mix and play according to your preferences and the current contents of your pantry. Looking for more inspirations? Let’s dive into the sea of hot Wok possibilities and find your true love from the first… bite!  

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