New burgers: irresistible recipes from all over the world

07. Juni 2024

Burgers are always a winner with everyone. Our mega-delicious burger recipes offer a twist on the classics and are pretty healthy too. Made with fresh ingredients and authentic flavours from all over the world. Get inspired by our creative ideas!

Burger perfection without compromises

Eating a burger is a finger-licking, sauce-dripping delight. Crisp cucumber, a juicy fried patty and melted cheese unite for an explosion of flavour. Simply irresistible. Who'd want to miss out on that in the name of healthy eating? Well, you needn't! With a few clever tweaks, you can easily elevate your burger to new healthier heights. Our recipes slash carbs, sugar, fat and even salt — thanks to Kikkoman sauces.

It's the bun that makes the burger

Our top tip: simply make your own buns! This gives you total control over how many carbs and other ingredients end up on your plate. And it doesn't always have to be flour. How about an innovative rice-based bun for your perfect burger? Or add variety to your plate with oat buns or homemade Korean baos made from yeast dough. And for an even lighter option, wrap your patties in fresh lettuce leaves. Iceberg is ideal for this. A guilt-free way to enjoy global flavours!

Patties are at the heart

The patty is, of course, the star of every great burger. There’s the classic beef patty made from juicy grilled beef, but we've plenty of variations to choose from. If you opt for meat, definitely go for quality. 20-25% fat content is enough to enjoy the full flavour. And you can also prepare your burger with lean poultry, as in our recipe for Chinese-inspired teriyaki chicken burgers. Our gluten-free rice revolution burger with tangy marinated tuna is a fresh, upscale version that you're sure to love!

Vegan? V-liciously good!

Spice up your burger game with homemade vegan patties for a lighter, healthier twist! With the sophisticated and unusual millet patty for our exotic Indian veggie burger, for example. Millet, carrot and courgettes blend together to create a fantastic fried alternative to conventional meat patties. Quick to prepare and bursting with natural umami, patties made from tofu or mushrooms are another great option. Both crisp up to perfection by simply frying with a sprinkle of cornflour. Add a few spices, and nobody will miss the meat – guaranteed!

Top toppings

Maybe you already guessed – but when it comes to what goes "on top", there's plenty you can do to make your favourite burger lighter and healthier. Veggies are an absolute must! How about adding coleslaw, fresh and finely chopped, straight onto the burger? Caramelised onions deliver plenty of low-carb flavour. And thinly sliced red cabbage also adds a kick and crunch when eaten raw.

Last but not least: the sauces

No burger's complete without the right sauce! Luckily, we've got a whole range of great sauces to jazz up your burger effortlessly. Our classic Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is a great addition to any mayo. Just add a splash, sprinkle with chopped parsley and chilli and voilà, you've crafted the perfect sauce for our spicy tofu burger. And for an extra punch of flavour, try Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce with Roasted Garlic or Kikkoman Spicy Chili Sauce for Kimchi. With these flavours, the possibilities are almost endless.

That's how fast food can easily be transformed into fresh, delicious slow food. Hungry for more? Then check out our recipes for inspiration!

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