Make your own Sushi – Nigiri, Maki and more

07. Mai 2023

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Everyone knows and loves sushi nowadays. But it’s not just enjoyable to eat – it’s also fun to make! We’ve put together step-by-step instructions to help you create the most popular kinds of sushi. Try it by yourself – or make an evening of it and get your friends and family involved. It's a great way to turn a family celebration, a birthday or a New Year’s Eve dinner into an event that everyone will remember.


The perfect Sushi Rice

Let’s start with the most important ingredient: sushi rice. If it doesn’t have the right consistency, everything will fall apart – literally. The right condiments are also very important.

All you need is sushi rice, a little Kikkoman Seasoning for Sushi Rice to provide the typical flavour, and a cooking pot. You can find a detailed tutorial by a professional sushi chef here:

Kikkoman’s tip:

If you’re not going to be using the sushi rice straight away, cover it with a damp cloth so that it doesn’t dry out.

Layered, not rolled: nigiri sushi

Although chefs roll the rice for the more well-known kinds of sushi, they form it into small mounds to make nigiri. The mounds are then topped with a thin slice of raw fish, omelette (tamagoyaki) or other ingredient. Here’s how to make it yourself:

Kikkoman’s tip:

When you come to eat the nigiri, make sure you only dip the fish – not the rice – carefully in the soy sauce. Otherwise, the nigiri will quickly fall apart.

Maki sushi: how to make the classic rolls

To make maki, you’ll need to assemble various ingredients such as salmon, tuna and cucumber. You then take the sushi rice and create a typical roll with the other ingredients. See how it’s done here:

The easy way to make California rolls

California rolls are characterised by sushi rice on the outside and nori strips on the inside. Before rolling everything up, you can add fish and vegetables, according to taste. It’s actually much easier than it sounds:

Kikkoman’s tip:

Wet your hands with water before rolling, so that the rice doesn’t stick to them.

Kikkoman’s tip:

Spread a small amount of wasabi over the sushi rice before you cover it with the other ingredients. This adds flavour and a touch of spiciness to the maki.

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