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18. März 2023

The barbecue season is on fire, and so is Kikkoman. You can stop searching for a perfect BBQ seasoning. You just found one. Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is works wonders for recipes from different parts of the world. You can use it for marinades or as a table-top seasoning. Fish & meat? Grilled vegetables? Or maybe delicious salads and dressings? It will successfully enhance the taste of the full range of BBQ dishes. So let’s light the fire and read our grill recipes!

All about umami

Are you dreaming about a very special flavour experience? Would you like to invite different kinds of cuisine to your barbecue? The secret link between tastes from anywhere in the world is… umami! The fifth taste sensation balances the taste and enhances the palatability of a wide variety of foods, even though it doesn’t have any particular flavour of its own.. Sounds great? Now let us introduce you to the three umami musketeers:
Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce - thanks to the rich umami quality, is worth trying in all kinds of BBQ dishes.
Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade - delights you with a sweet & savoury flavour and brings a special taste dimension to grilled foods.
Kikkoman Ponzu Lemon - deliciously combines soy sauce with lemon and guarantees an explosion of fresh flavour.

Let’s meet the meat

Imagine the meat, beautifully tender, juicy and flavourful. Your dream can come true when you try our marinades which penetrates right through the meat, for a deeper, richer flavour.. Marinades also intensify the taste of fish and vegetables. Now let’s read why Kikkoman is the perfect partner for grilled meat dishes.

BBQ Whisky Rib-eye Steak - will shake your taste buds

Feeling like fish heaven

There are plenty of fish in the sea, they say. We say: there are plenty of delicious fish recipes which you should try during the barbecue season. Fish taste wonderful when barbecued, especially when you marinate them before cooking and splash with the Kikkoman sauces before serving. Soy sauce, Teriyaki marinade or Ponzu Lemon? Give them a try and find your favourite combos. For starters, let’s focus on these two tasty ideas.

Barbecued Salmon Burger - You don’t need meat to have a delicious eat

Welcome to the lighter paradise: all about salads

Say goodbye to heavy sauces and welcome a variety of lighter, yet still delicious dressings and salads. No matter if you are a vegetarian or simply not a big meat eater — Kikkoman will serve creative recipe ideas just for you. What kind of salad is perfect for the grill? Crunchy, colourful and refreshing — these qualities must be present during every barbecue feast.

Our ideas will not only complement grilled meat or fish. Thanks to the creative and refreshing seasoning, their unique taste can steal the show. Do you want your dishes to shine at every barbecue party? Invite Kikkoman and follow the recipes.

Mango and Carrot Salad - Enchanted garden of flavours

Everything tastes better with butter

The main rule of French cuisine is that everything tastes better with butter. This philosophy should be implemented especially during BBQs. Soy sauce, herbs and butter are the trio you need to complement any grilled dish: meat, fish or vegetables. So make sure that you have 10 minutes to prepare this star among well-seasoned butters.

Now you know everything about delicious barbecue, so let’s fire up the grill with an extra kick. Season your party with Kikkoman and enjoy delicious results. Trust us, you'll be lucky if you have any leftovers.

Soy Sauce & Herb BBQ Butter - Enchanted garden of flavours

Grill tips & tricks

  1. Give your grill enough time to warm up. Preheat your grill properly. Preheating guarantees better taste, seared crust and prevents food from sticking to the grate. 
  2. Let the meat warm up. 20-30 minutes before putting a steak on the grill, take it out of the fridge and leave to come to room temperature— it takes a shorter time to cook it. The effect? Perfect medium rare steak.
  3. Help the flavour come through. Season the dishes liberally to bring out the flavour. When trying to reduce the salt — try Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Less Salt Soy Sauce. It contains 43% less salt, but its unique savoury flavour remains fully intact! 
  4. Try caramelization. We love grilled food because of the seared taste. So turn the food only once, be patient, and try some sweet marinades. The key to the most delicious caramelization is Teriyaki BBQ-Sauce with Honey.
  5. Balance the seasoning. Too sweet? Too spicy? Too salty? Adding a sour taste provides great counterbalance. The acids make the sauce fresh and flavourful. You can squeeze some lemon or simply try Ponzu Lemon – the delicious combination of soy sauce with lemon.
What does ‘umami’ mean?

The word umami combines the Japanese adjective umai, which means ‘delicious’ or ‘savoury’, with mi, which means ‘essence’.

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