Healthy food from beneath the earth

21. September 2023

Discover root vegetables for yourself and learn what makes them so special


The root of good taste

Healthy, versatile and simply delicious!

Root vegetables are the new star in European cuisine! Don't you think? Well, roots may not be the most visually appealing vegetable, but they are far healthier than many others! Join us on a journey through the world of roots that goes far beyond carrots, potatoes and turnips.

Root vegetables are those vegetables of which a part develops underground into a tuber or also into a bulb. Potatoes and carrots have been grown in Europe for centuries and are one of the most popular vegetables, as they can be found in our markets all year round at a reasonable price and are simply delicious! In fact, they have been eaten since the Stone Age - quite a classic, in other words.
It is also documented with certainty that root vegetables were one of the main sources of food in the Middle Ages. But they had little to do with the root vegetables we harvest today. Back then, root vegetables did not have a sweet taste and had fewer nutrients. Also, the colours were not as intense and bright. In our grandparents' time, for example, the carrot was still known as the 'yellow turnip', but it was not until the 1960s that it was cultivated as we know it today.

Healthy trendsetters in the kitchen

Have you ever tried parsnip or parsley root? They look confusingly similar, but they couldn't be more different in taste. Parsley, as the name suggests, tastes strongly of parsley, while parsnip has a nutty, spicy flavour. But why is the parsnip so trendy? It is used in many vegetarian and vegan dishes, and it is also a good substitute for potatoes because it has fewer carbohydrates and significantly more nutrients. Also known as the asparagus of the north is the black salsify! An underrated root vegetable that is worth discovering. Rich in inulin, it contributes to a healthy intestinal flora and is also low in calories and filling. You can boil them, fry them, grill them or even eat them raw. In recent years, they have become much more popular because of their versatility, from soups and stews to casseroles and side dishes. Ever tried a salsify risotto?

Another root vegetable that is absolutely on trend is the sweet potato! Rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, it is a healthy ingredient for any meal. You can prepare it in many different ways, for example baked, boiled, grilled or deep-fried. It is ideal in  soups, in salads, as a side dish or even as a main course, as it is a great source of good carbohydrates. What also makes the sweet potato so special is that, as the name suggests, it has a natural sweetness, which is why, depending on the recipe, not much sugar needs to be added from the outside.

Let us now turn to a root vegetable that is slowly gaining more attention again, and rightly so: the Jerusalem artichoke! Also known as topinambur, it originates from North America, contrary to what the name might lead you to believe. It has a bulbous, uneven shape and a rough, brown skin. The inside of the Jerusalem artichoke is white and crunchy and has a sweet, nutty flavour. Its unbeatable advantage over other root vegetables is that it has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, so it is also very suitable for people with insulin resistance or diabetes. It is rich in fibre as well as a variety of vitamins. Healthy and conscious eating is trendy, so many also use the Jerusalem artichoke as a substitute for chips or potato crisps.

Ready for your new favourite tuber?

Well, would you have thought that root vegetables could be so exciting? If you're hungry for a really healthy and nutritious meal, you should definitely check out our new recipes around the crunchy tubers. Just quickly prepare them and enjoy!

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