Culinary world trip - Tex-Mex inspiration

22. August 2023

Those who have already been to Texas will know that the Texans are hooked on their Tex-Mex cuisine! What was originally meant to be just a railway name between Texas and Mexico, quickly developed into a culinary term – because many of the Texans’ cooking practices were inspired by Mexican cuisine. Over time, this developed into a food culture in its own right, a fusion food of which there are now numerous culture variations all over the world.

typical Tex-Mex food

But what exactly is typical Tex-Mex food and how does it differ fundamentally from Mexican cuisine? We took a look behind the scenes. What was particularly striking is that many Mexican restaurants serve Tex-Mex food  – even in America! This is a good indication of how much the lines have blurred over time. Tex-Mex has also developed into a popular and varied style of cooking, and is no longer considered working class cuisine.

What do you associate with the term Tex-Mex? If you thought immediately about nachos, enchiladas or quesadillas, you are bang on the money! Tex-Mex differs significantly in the ingredients its uses. Sweet corn kernels and yellow cheese, for instance, are particularly typical, while small corn cobs and white cheese are more common in Mexico. Beef is clearly more common in Tex-Mex, while chicken holds the top spot for Mexicans. The fact that many dishes have the same name, but are made of different ingredients, was influenced, among other things, by the new settlers who moved to Texas over two hundred years ago and brought mild, European foods with them. Mexican cuisine, which is several thousand years old, is much spicier and not suitable for sensitive tongues! Incidentally, this too was influenced by various cultures from all over the world. Exciting, isn’t it?

If you love Tex-Mex food as much as we do, you should definitely try our new recipes!

We've been inspired to come up with ideas that combine Tex-Mex with ingredients that can be easily sourced. Plus, everything is quick and easy to prepare which also makes it the perfect finger food for your next party.

Whether it’s using our ponzu, teriyaki, kimchi or classic soy sauce - we will show you how you can easily give your Tex-Mex dishes that extra kick using our sauces. Have fun!

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