Valentine’s Day menus for romantic couples

From the kitchen with love:

three Valentine’s Day menus for romantic couples

In many parts of the world 14 February is the day of romantic gestures, tender love notes and bouquets of red roses. It’s said that Valentine’s Day, the annual celebration of romance and romantic love, can be traced all the way back to the 3rd century – to Saint Valentine himself. And in Ancient Rome women were given flowers on 14 February to honour the goddess Juno. Nowadays Valentine’s Day traditions differ from country to country. In many parts of Europe, for instance, it’s customary for both men and women to give their special someone flowers, a card or love letter and a small gift, but in Japan it’s only the men who receive presents.

Japanese Valentine’s Day traditions 

In Japan Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. In fact, it’s usual for Japanese women to give sweets and chocolates to men they adore, men whose company they enjoy, or even male colleagues that they like working with. Exactly one month later, on 14 March, or “White Day”, Japan’s men return the favour, presenting women with cookies, candies and sometimes other gifts, too. 

Culinary creations for couples 

Valentine’s Day is about more than flowers, gifts and love notes: it is the day when couples almost everywhere enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Kikkoman has put together three Valentine’s Day menus that are guaranteed to add a touch of romance to your evening. These delicious dishes will ‘sweep you off your feet’! 

1. Mediterranean Valentine’s Day menu

It’s the healthy combinations of fresh ingredients that make this Valentine’s Day menu so appealing. Seasoned with a generous splash of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce​​​​​​​, these dishes are designed to delight the senses and tantalise the taste buds. 

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2. Asian Valentine’s Day menu 

This exotic Asian-inspired menu features fiery and fruity flavours that will set passions ablaze. 

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3. Japanese Valentine‘s Day menu

Japanese food is particularly popular on Valentine’s Day. Instead of serving several courses, why not serve a variety of small and tasty offerings together – just like people do in Japan. And you don’t have to stick to sushi and maki. Kikkoman has put together a selection of Japanese specialities that are all perfect for a romantic dinner for two. And what’s more, they’re easy to prepare.

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