Get the temaki party started!

Temaki sushi is a very simple kind of sushi. The Japanese word temaki literally means ‘hand-made’, since you don’t need a bamboo sushi mat to shape it. Instead, you roll up nori sheets by hand to form a cone shape. 

First of all you put on top of a nori sheet whatever you feel like: rice, fish, seafood, poultry, red meat or vegetables such as cucumber, pepper, spring onion or carrot. If you want to, you can replace the nori sheets with tortillas, tacos, rice paper, lettuce leaves, omelette, wonton skin, gyoza skin or bread. Then you roll it up by hand. And to make sure your temaki sushi tastes great, remember to serve it with the right dip or a delicious sauce. Good choices for spreading on the wraps include wasabi, mayonnaise or ketchup. And Kikkoman sauces, such as our Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce, one of our ponzu sauces or a sauce from our teriyaki range make fantastic dips for all your temaki creations. Temaki sushi is the perfect meal for the whole family. Kids and adults alike can simply choose their favourite ingredients from the table, roll them up and enjoy them together.

Temaki ideas you can use at home

Temaki sushi is an ideal choice for a cosy evening at home with friends: as it offers so many possibilities, everyone’s bound to find something they’ll like. Simply place all your ingredients on the table and let your guests help themselves. All they have to do is choose a wrap, fill it with their preferred ingredients... and enjoy! If you like, you can even provide special ingredients that fit a certain theme. Here are some ideas from Kikkoman:

Nori seaweed TEMAKI

Vegetable TEMAKI

Tortilla TEMAKI

Crêpe or bread TEMAKI

Omelette TEMAKI

Wonton/gyoza skin TEMAKI

Find out more about TEMAKI here.

Temaki, nigiri, maki – do you know your sushi? This popular Japanese finger food comes in many different forms. The best known is maki sushi, which is Japanese for ‘rolled sushi’. It involves rolling ingredients such as raw salmon, tuna, eel, omelette, pickled radish, cucumber or carrot in a seaweed (nori) sheet using a bamboo sushi mat. The basis for nigiri sushi is a small amount of sushi rice shaped into a little roll. It is topped with fish or omelette and sometimes a strip of nori is used to keep it all together. You can read more about the different varieties of sushi here.