More time at home, more time to cook

7 tasty soup recipes guaranteed to leave you with a warm glow inside!

Served as a starter or a main course, soup is a must-have for autumn and winter. As well as filling your kitchen with delicious aromas, it warms you up and creates a cosy, feel-good atmosphere – whether you’re cooking for two or for the whole family.  And that feeling of connection that you get from eating together is now more important than ever. So, why not give one of Kikkoman’s 7 soup recipes a go and make a tasty dish for yourself and your loved ones? Enjoy!

Our soup recipes for you to try:

Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

#Stay home, cook at home

#Stay home, cook at home: Vol. 6

Seasoning your life – here at Kikkoman, that’s what we want to help you with. And it’s never been more important than it is now. That’s why we decided to put together recipes to inspire you. Every fortnight we’re releasing a new Kikkoman special edition recipe collection – to help you enjoy delicious food from around the world.