Oven-fresh Specialities

Oven-fresh Specialities with Kikkoman Sauces

You can cook all kinds of dishes in your oven – from casseroles and gratins to roasts, pizzas or delicious quiches. Whether on trays, in casserole dishes or in baking tins: The preparation of food in the oven is a slow and very gentle cooking method. The results are extremely flavour-intensive because the long cooking time really brings out the fine aromas of all the spices and seasonings. So, if you add some splashes of Kikkoman sauces to your dishes before you put them into the oven, their distinctive flavour will come out as well. Your meals will be wonderfully savoury.

Indulge all the senses

Oven-fresh foods indulge all the senses – they’re hot, savoury, deliciously aromatic and taste absolutely fabulous. You can use most of the items in your fridge as ingredients: vegetables and mushrooms, meat and poultry, fish and seafood. Cheese is a popular topping for oven-baked dishes, but you can also flavour them with butter, oil and herbs. And for those who prefer it hot, chilli and horse radish are excellent choices.

Cooking for guests

Oven-cooked foods are very easy to prepare and therefore make the perfect meal for guests, as well. Because the hosts have plenty of time to work on other things – their dessert for example – while they’re cooking in the oven. There’s also room for plenty of portions in a big oven dish. Our tip: If you have any left-overs, simply re-heat them in the oven the next day! Some people say the food actually tastes better the second time around.