Jazz up Italian Food with Kikkoman

Jazz up Italian Food with Kikkoman

Sun, sea and Mediterranean flair – that’s Italy! But this boot-shaped southern European land is also famous for its outstanding cuisine – which is considered one of the country’s most important cultural assets and is celebrated around the world every day. Why is this? International gourmets claim that it’s not just because the Italians’ lust for life and their dolce vita is so appealing. It’s also due to the fact that typical Italian ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, dried tomatoes, mushrooms and anchovies all share a certain feature: Umami, a special full-bodied flavour. Umami was only recognised as the fifth taste relatively recently. Since it is also an important characteristic of Kikkoman soy sauce, Italian food and Kikkoman complement each other perfectly. Try it yourself! It seems that, in terms of flavour, Italy and Asia are closer than you might think...

Where Asia meets Bella Italia

Tasty herbs, varied vegetable dishes, high-quality olive oil and freshly caught fish are key components of Italian cuisine, which is actually a combination of several different regional cuisines. The typical Italian menu begins with antipasti: small appetisers. They are followed by pizza, pasta and the like – dishes that are extremely popular worldwide and rank among the favourite foods in many other countries.  And it’s no wonder. After all, they’re delicious and don’t take long to prepare. What’s more, anyone can make them: Italian recipes don’t usually require any advanced cooking skills. But some people like that little extra ingredient to jazz up traditional dishes or create new taste sensations. Ever tried pasta with a dash of Kikkoman Soy Sauce? Mamma mia!

Kikkoman Soy Sauce – at home around the world

At a time when people travel a lot, culinary borders have started to blur – much to the delight of everyone who likes trying out new recipes. So why not use delicious Asian soy sauce to enhance typical Italian dishes. The Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce by Kikkoman creates the perfect combination. Thanks to its extraordinary aromas, which develop during a natural fermentation process that lasts up to six months, it adds a unique full-bodied flavour to every dish – without masking the original taste of the other ingredients. Want to give it a try? Then why not start with one of our recipe ideas – and discover the different nuances and combinations of flavours, as well as Umami: the fifth dimension of taste. Kikkoman wishes you Buon appetito!