Barbecue specialities with Kikkoman sauces
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The barbecue season is here!

Fabulous summertime BBQ recipes, marinades and sides

All you need for an amazing home barbecue is fine weather, a grill for the balcony or garden and some excellent BBQ recipes. When it comes to barbecues you can be as creative as you like because there are so many foods to choose from – meat and fish, vegetables and salads, dips and salsas. Basically, you can barbecue whatever makes you and your members of your household happy, and treat them to a range of barbecue delicacies of all sizes and shapes to help themselves to. These are all the ingredients for the perfect summer cookout! 

Marinating for beginners and experts

If you think marinating is for barbecue experts, you'd be wrong because it’s actually very easy, as long as you know how! If you prefer the fast and simple approach, opt for a ready-made marinade like the Kikkoman teriyaki sauces for your barbecue foods. They come in honey, roasted garlic and toasted sesame flavours. There’s even a gluten-free sauce in the teriyaki range. You can also use the Kikkoman sauces as ingredients in delicious home-made BBQ marinades. The advantage of marinades is that they add flavour intensity and improve texture. When you marinate meat, fish and vegetables the marinade penetrates deep into the food to flavourise and tenderise it.

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Meat, fish and vegetarian barbecue specialities 

Meat and fish are traditional barbecue foods. The finished result is always so much better if you marinate them for a few hours before cooking. Use our ready-made Teriyaki Marinade, our Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce or one of our speciality sauces such as Ponzu Lemon or Orange. Have you discovered our latest favourite BBQ recipes yet? Here they are:

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Salads and dips for barbecues and dining al fresco

Juicy steaks, tender fish fillets and savoury grilled vegetables are barbecue foods that everyone loves. But it’s important not to neglect side dishes like salads and dips because they're equally important elements of a barbecued meal. Pasta, couscous, feta, goat’s cheese, halloumi cheese and pineapple all make great ingredients for sides, salads and dips that complement the flavours of savoury grilled meat and fish. And our barbecue all-rounders, the teriyaki sauces, are the ideal seasoning. Some of the other Kikkoman sauces are also great for barbecues. Why don’t you take a look at our recipes for inspiration? 

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Did you Know?

When you marinate meat, fish and vegetables the marinade penetrates deep into the food to flavourise and tenderise it.