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A universal cooking vessel

The wok is a great pan for creative cooking. You can use it to stir-fry, steam, deep fry or blanch your food. Some people mistakenly think that you can only cook Asian dishes with a wok. Actually, you can cook practically anything in this round-bottomed cooking vessel.

 What about a delicious savoury potato salad? Simply prepare it as usual and add the finishing touch by gently stir-frying it in the wok. This helps to distribute the flavours more evenly and harmonise the ingredients. The wok is also perfect for soups and stews, fricassee and goulash.

A handy hint: if you can cook it in a large frying pan you can cook it in a wok. And that goes for desserts, too. You can deep fry sweet curd cheese dumplings and sauté cinnamon-dusted slices of apples and pears to create a quick and delicious dessert. Our stir-fry sauce is perfect for all sweet and savoury wok-cooked dishes. It enhances flavour by adding the unique dimension of caramelised soy sauce.

Simple, quick and vitamin-rich meals

Before you pick up your cooking spoon, chop up all the ingredients into small pieces and put the seasonings and sauces next to the cooker because, once the wok heats up, the cooking process is very fast. Put the ingredients into the wok one after another and your delicious meal is ready in a matter of minutes. You only need a tiny amount of fat or oil in the wok, and everything stays crunchy and colourful with the vitamins sealed in. Our tip! Never cook too many ingredients at the same time because the finished result will be less crispy and flavourful. The rule of thumb is that the wok should never be more than two-thirds full. We’ve provided a few delicious wok recipes so that you can get started right away.

Video: Cooking with the wok