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A different take on sushi

When you hear the word ‘sushi’, you immediately think of the traditional delicate dish consisting of rice rolled around vegetables or raw fish. But did you know that it could take up to ten years to perfectly master the art of making sushi? That’s how long it takes to become a qualified sushi master. However, you don’t have to be a sushi master to create your own delicious sushi. Furthermore sushi doesn’t always have to be rolled up. Chirashi sushi, which means ‘scattered sushi‘, is served in a bowl. It consists of sushi rice combined with vegetables, fish, chicken and other delicacies, seasoned with our naturally brewed soy sauce for a delicious and authentic taste. Chirashi sushi is a great dish to prepare when you have guests with different preferences because you can create a sushi buffet with a selection of ingredients. All the items on the sushi buffet have sushi rice as the basic ingredient, plus a range of toppings to suit your guests’ preferences. Then they simply help themselves to their favourite chirashi sushi.

For Another variation, the Temaki or ‘hand-roll’ sushi, the ingredients are placed on a seaweed paper (nori), which is rolled around by hand for each bite-sized portion. As a modern and easy alternative you can just use lettuce leaves for this. This is healthy and great fun for the whole family and friends. Cos lettuce leaves are ideal for this job. Wash them thoroughly and trim them well. Then form the sushi rice. Position the rice shapes on the leaves, then top them with seasonal vegetables that have been cut lengthways, meat or fish, sprinkle your creation with sesame seeds as a garnish, dip it in our naturally brewed soy sauce for every delicious bite and your modern Temaki sushi is ready. Bon appetit!