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Winter is soup and stew season

When the days become shorter and there’s an icy chill in the air, soups and stews are popular mealtime choices.

In the past, soups and stews were an inexpensive meal that filled stomachs. Later on, soups became an entrée for a formal dinner. Today, they are more than just starters. They are warming, filling and wholesome meals that are so versatile they’ll never go out of fashion. And what’s more, instead of using the traditional seasoning of salt for soups and stews, you can season them with our Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. It doesn’t just bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients, it adds a lovely richness which plain salt does not do. For those who prefer to reduce salt intake, it is also available in a low-salt version to help you create a healthy result.

1. Soups

There are basically two categories of soups: transparent broths or ‘consommés‘ and thicker, more creamier soups. Consommés include classic chicken broth or vegetable broth, which is also known as bouillon. Broths are light and less filling than creamier soups or stews. That’s why they are often used as starters or interim courses. Thicker soups are generally pureed or have vegetable or meat in them, though usually in small quantities. They are thickened with rice, barley, potatoes, flour or cream. 

2. Stews

Unlike soups, stews aren’t pureed or transparent and rather than containing just a few small ingredients, the more the better is the motto! They are more filling than soups and you can definitely eat them as a complete meal – what’s more you cook them all in one-pot so there’s less washing up! Stews traditionally contain pulses such as peas or beans, lots of vegetables and meat. They are actually one of the oldest dishes around. There are many different recipes for stews and they were even popular back in Roman times.

There are no limits on flavour or creativity when you make a stew! Simply add anything that you like to the pot. Classic stews are beef, carrot and dumplings; creamy chicken, tarragon and mushroom and Lancashire Hot Pot which is slowly stewed layers of lamb and onions with thin slices of potato on top.

Delicious Kikkoman soup and stew recipes

Soups and stews are very easy to make. It’s entirely up to you which ingredients you use and how you combine them because with soups and stews, most ingredients that go well together will taste absolutely delicious! In fact, they’re a great way to experiment! We’ve provided you with a few classic Kikkoman recipes that are guaranteed to warm you up and tickle your taste buds on cold autumn and winter days, whether you’re a gourmet food fan or prefer more wholesome fare. 'Bon appetit' from Kikkoman!