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Net of cod mustard sauce and Tamari soy sauce

Ingredients for 4 portions

Per portion: 1992 kJ / 476 kcal

For the sauce: 


Preparation time: 50 mins

Boiled potatoes approximately 25 minutes, wash spinach, and drain them. 
Prepare the sauce: warm the cream over a low heat, then take away from the fire, add the Tamari soy sauce, the mustard, mix and reserve. (It will be necessary to warm it before serving.) When potatoes are cooked, peel them, crush them with a fork, incorporate the butter, the oil and 1 tbsp of Tamari soy sauce.
Season the pavements of fish with salt and peper, put them in the hot oil in a frying pan and make them bronze on each side.

Warm 1 tbsp of Tamari soy sauce in a frying pan, and put spinach just drained, turn them 1 minute and take away from the fire.

To serve: distribute crushed potatoes in the center of plates, add some leaves of spinach, put above a pavement of fish, coat of sauce, pepper and present immediately.