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Marinated monkfish kebabs

Ingredients for 4 portions

Per portion: 782 kJ / 187 kcal

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Preparation time: 50 mins

Grill at first the peppers; put them on a barbecue (or under the grill of the oven), add cloves of garlic and let roast until the skin of peppers tans, to remove them, as well as cloves of garlic, and put them in a salad bowl, cover and let cool.

Peel and grate the ginger over a salad bowl, grate the zest of the lemon, press it, add 2 tbsp of juice, the yoghurt, the soy sauce, whip, put above monkfish medallions, turn and let marinate 30 minutes. During this time peel peppers, cut them in strips, put half in the salad bowl, pour above 1 tbsp of oil, reserve.
Put the rest of peppers in the bowl of a mixer; add the peeled cloves of garlic, the oil, the soya sauce, the hot pepper, and mix until obtaining a smooth cream, reserve.

Before serving: slide monkfish medallions on peaks and out them on the grill of a barbecue (or under the grill of the oven) often by turning them.
At the time of serving, put the brochettes of monkfish on plates, add small strips of grilled peppers and the cream of peppers.