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Marinated BBQ Asparagus

Ingredients for 4 portions

Per portion: 2710 kJ / 647 kcal

Ingredients for 4 portions:

  • 1 kg green asparagus (approx. 24 sticks)
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • A pinch of sugar
  • 10 tbsp Kikkoman Stir-fry sauce
  • A few terragon leaves
  • 3 tbsp walnut oil
  • 8 slices of raw ham
  • 8 slices of semi-soft slicing cheese

For the mayonnaise:


Preparation time: 45 mins

Wash the asparagus and peel the bottom third. Bring 1.5 litres of water, butter, sugar and 3 tbsp. Kikkoman Stir-fry sauce to the boil. Cook the asparagus in it for approx. 10 minutes and then drain. Stir together the remaining Kikkoman Stir-fry sauce, tarragon and walnut oil and combine with the asparagus. Wrap three sticks of asparagus in a layer of cheese and then a layer of ham. Place on an aluminium tray and cook on the barbecue for approx. 5-10 minutes.

To make the mayonnaise, whisk the egg yolk, mustard, sugar and vinegar until thick and creamy. Slowly add the oil, stirring continuously, and season with Kikkoman Stir-fry sauce. Serve the asparagus rolls with the mayonnaise.