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Gyoza - japanese pan-fried dumplings

Ingredients for 4 portions

Per portion: 263 kJ / 63 kcal

For the filling

  • 300 g white cabbage
  • 30 g leek
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 small spring onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 10 g fresh ginger
  • 150 g minced meat
  • 1 pack of gyoza dough (= 24 wrappers)
  • A little potato flour for dusting

For the seasoning



Preparation time: 1h

Wash, trim and chop the cabbage and leek. Sprinkle with salt and squeeze well to remove the excess water. Trim, wash and chop the spring onion. Peel the garlic and ginger and chop them.

Combine the meat, all chopped ingredients and the seasonings. Put 1 tbsp. (approx. 15g) of filling on a gyoza wrapper, wet the edges with water and pinch them closed to create a shell-shaped dumpling.  Sprinkle the base of the gyoza with potato flour. Repeat for all other gyozas.

Heat up a little oil in a pan, put the gyozas in the pan next to each other and sauté. When the undersides are browned, add water, put the lid on and steam for approx. 3-4 minutes. Remove the lid, drain the water off, add a little more oil and fry the other side of the gyozas until crispy.

Remove from the pan, arrange on plates and serve with a soy sauce and vinegar mixture as a dip.