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All from one bean

Tofu, soy sauce, miso, edamame, soy milk, soy flour and soy milk are all made from soybeans! Soy products aren’t just widely used in Asia, they’re also gaining in popularity the whole world over. Read on to discover more about this versatile bean and try out our recipes with soy-based ingredients and our Kikkoman soy sauces.


Discover Japan with Kikkoman &
Primitive Skateboarding

Skate brand Primitive creates stylish Kikkoman skate wear. The Kikkoman collection is the first edition of „Primitive Tastes“ – an initiative that looks for special skate spots, hidden cultural treasures and culinary delights in different parts of the world. First stop: Japan, Kikkoman's country of origin.

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Power for the summer!

Hot and sultry summer weather can take a real toll on our body. Kikkoman has some great suggestions for vitamin and mineral-packed foods that will keep you fit all summer long – plus some delicious recipes with Kikkoman Soy Sauce for you to make!


Quick summer recipes

When it’s really hot outside, we all want to be able to prepare fresh, light meals without much effort. The right combination of summery ingredients and refreshing seasoning – in the form of Kikkoman soy sauces – can provide a good boost of energy at any time of the day.


Light and fresh summer salads with Kikkoman sauces

Kikkoman soy sauce and speciality sauces are ideal for salad dressings and vinaigrettes. They taste amazing with our soy sauces and other sauces in our range, such as Ponzu Lemon, Ponzu Orange or Ponzu Chili. Enjoy your summer salads with Kikkoman sauces!


Discover our many barbecue recipe videos and try them out for yourself

Kikkoman’s low-calorie sauces complement barbecued foods perfectly. Try using Kikkoman sauces as a dip instead of ketchup. Or marinate steak, fish, vegetables or other ingredients in our soy sauces. Our recipe videos provide a step-by-step guide to conjuring up all kinds of delicacies.



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