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Vegetarian and halal with Kikkoman!

No matter which kind of diet you prefer, with Kikkoman you can easily bring the full aroma and a lot of variety to your plate. All our sauces are ideal not only for seasoning and refining vegetarian dishes, but also go very well with halal cuisine.


Soy sauce + Lemon = Ponzu!

When soy sauce meets citrus, one of Japan's most popular seasoning sauces is created: Ponzu! Simply sprinkle Kikkoman Ponzu Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce over grilled meat or use it directly as a dip - with its zingy taste, the sauce livens up every dish. It's a taste explosion of fresh flavours!


Soy sauce - a helping hand in the kitchen

Kikkoman Soy sauce is incredibly versatile. As well as being an all-purpose seasoning, it also has other special features. For example, it eliminates food odours: simply marinate briefly with the soy sauce or sprinkle it on - the ingredients smell fresh again and it also has a bacteriostatic effect. Fans of pink roasted meat, fresh fish and seafood can enjoy their food without hesitation.


Easy and simple summer cooking

On hot sunny days, we prefer light dishes that can quickly and easily be prepared. Just like our superfood bowl with avocado, salmon and rice. Click below to find the recipe and many other tasty Kikkoman summer dishes.


#Kikkoman goes Instagram! 

We are now available on Instagram sharing all about food inspiration, recipes and of course japanese cuisine. Make sure to follow @kikkoman_europe!

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The stars of the BBQ season

Kikkoman Teriyaki sauces are must-haves for the barbecue season! They go perfectly with meat, fish and vegetables as ready-to-use marinades but also serve as a dip sauce for all grilled dishes. You should try the sauces!


Multi-talented soy sauce

Add that extra special touch to your dressings, dips and homemade sauces with Kikkoman soy sauce! You will be amazed by the taste: our soy sauce is ideal for combining with other sauces and ingredients as it complements and enhances all flavours for every meal.



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