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Christmas meals with the umami factor

Christmas is definitely the most indulgent dining season of the year. Visit Kikkoman’s recipe world for festive food inspiration. And here’s an insider tip! Perfect your Christmas meals by adding the umami factor with a splash of Kikkoman soy sauce.


Try a temaki party: it’s easy, tasty and lots of fun!

At a temaki party, all the ingredients are laid out on the table and guests can simply help themselves to whatever they fancy, roll it up in a wrap and enjoy. Temaki is really easy to prepare and it’s a great choice for a relaxed evening with family and friends, because home-made temaki wraps don’t just taste good – they’re also great fun to make. Use our collection of recipes for inspiration!


Have you ever heard of shabu-shabu?

Thinly sliced beef, Chinese cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and other kinds of vegetables are all ingredients of Japanese shabu-shabu, a fondue-style dish made with stock. Kikkoman explains why this warming meal is so popular and which Kikkoman sauces go well with it.


Fondue with a difference – with Kikkoman sauces

Cooking traditional fondue shabu-shabu style is quite simple. Kikkoman has put together three fantastic recipes for this European classic with a Japanese twist.


All from one bean

Tofu, soy sauce, miso, edamame, soy milk, soy flour and soy milk are all made from soybeans! Soy products aren’t just widely used in Asia, they’re also gaining in popularity the whole world over. Read on to discover more about this versatile bean and try out our recipes with soy-based ingredients and our Kikkoman soy sauces.


Discover Japan with Kikkoman &
Primitive Skateboarding

Skate brand Primitive creates stylish Kikkoman skate wear. The Kikkoman collection is the first edition of „Primitive Tastes“ – an initiative that looks for special skate spots, hidden cultural treasures and culinary delights in different parts of the world. First stop: Japan, Kikkoman's country of origin.

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