Seasoning your life: a slogan with a message

Helping people around the world to savour the joys of life

Seasoning your life is our international corporate slogan. It is founded on the principle that Kikkoman unites a 300 year-old Japanese soy sauce making tradition with a modern, healthy lifestyle. Our brand promise is “To fill the world with the joys of food by delivering wholehearted flavour” and that’s exactly what Kikkoman Soy Sauce does. 

It is a popular, much-valued and naturally brewed seasoning that enriches the cuisine of many different countries. Naturally brewed soy sauce delivers a very special taste experience as a result of its full-bodied flavour and Umami components. 

Kikkoman helps people around the world to savour the joys of life and promotes the international exchange of food culture. This is a very important aspect of the corporate philosophy – alongside consumer orientation and excellent quality standards.

Reflecting that philosophy, Kikkoman brand products are renowned for their excellent quality and unique flavour.