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New commercial: Food loves Kikkoman

Some dishes go to extraordinary lengths to show how much they love Kikkoman, even making themselves look like the iconic Kikkoman bottle they all adore.  Naturally brewed for over 300 years and made from just four pure ingredients with no additives or flavour enhancers, Kikkoman soy sauce is a delicious seasoning for a huge variety of foods. Discover for yourself why food loves Kikkoman.


Japanese cuisine is cultural heritage

Japan’s traditional cuisine is so unique that UNESCO has designated it heritage status. Be inspired by Japanese recipes with the Kikkoman sauces


Home-made sushi

Have you ever made sushi yourself? Enjoy preparing it with your family and friends and serve it with Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. Find out how it works... and watch our sushi video, too.


Hearty soups and stews

As the days grow shorter, soups and stews appear on top of our menu once again. Don't miss the chance to make your soups taste even more delicious by adding our Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce.


Fresh from the oven

Dishes that are slowly cooked in the oven taste even better when you season them with Kikkoman sauces. The appetizing aromas they spread in the kitchen will make your mouth water, we promise.


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